Tenant Screening Background Checks

ScreeningIntelligence.com offers Tenant Screening, Tenant Background Checks and Criminal Records through EvictionRecords.com.


Tenant Screening

Benefits of Tenant Screening

  • Proper tenant screening helps landlords minimize the risk of selecting tenants who will be unable to pay their rent on time.
  • Performing eviction background records on tenant applicants can help landlords assess a tenant’s risk level.
  • Our site EvictionRecords provides landlords with easy-to-read reports that show if a potential tenant has an eviction record or criminal background record in the state(s) or county searched.
  • In addition, it helps landlords to find tenants who are unlikely to pose a threat to other nearby residents, thereby creating a safe environment for their residents.
  • We also have a Tenant Screening Credit Report website, TenantScreening.biz, which delivers credit reports, credit scores, leasing recommendations and more to landlords and property managers.

EvictionRecords.com Tenant Screening Services Include: